There is no Sore it will Not Heal, No Mountain it will not Subdue.

Climbers Resources Asia is an outdoor company that's operate in 3 nation. Our company summon up climbers from Malaysia , Singapore and Indonesia that has been actively organizing mountain Climbing expedition along with our very own non- profit social organization CESG (Climbers Enthusiast). This collaboration continue to promote 'shared responsibility' towards community outreach and environmental awareness.

Our team has a very clear sense of purpose and measurable objectives. What start as small hiking group we grew up each day. Along the years our group has achieve significant milestone and endorsement. Our mission is to take you on an adventure. To experience nature in a unique way, explore the great outdoors, get a sweat on, meet new people and build-strengthen relationships. Just leave all the hassle of preparing your trip to us...see u real soon.

Today is your day! Your adventures is waiting




Mohammad bin Mohammad Salleh

An exemplary outdoor leader and guide. A very prominent figure in Malaysian outdoor scene. A member of Persatuan Malim Gunung Malaysia. He grew up in kampung in perak which explain his 'kampung boy' character. With his vast knowledge of Mountain in malaysia he is the among the most sought after guide and wilderness leader activity through out the year. Nonetheless his prime commitment and bearing shall be equally with you.


Sazali Rabu

Know as Zali. Zali is figure that need no introduction in outdoor scene in Singapore and Indonesia. The brain child of the famous SURVIVING RINJANI SERIES in Indonesia which already in the 6th series since it start. The highlight of this remarkable journey that we have a program SHARED RESPONSIBLE MOUNTAINEERING. The program that focus in ' Giving back ' to the local and picking up thrash and left over while descend down the mountain.


Baharuddin Ramli

That type of a person that you like to bring while you hiking. A founder of Climbers Enthusiat before CRA, CA form a bridging between Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia that sees a 3 nation climb to MT KINABALU in 2014 was a sucessful event. A Johorean native, he start Climbing as a hobby before turning it into full time outdoor planner.